Vaccinations help protect you and the people around you from getting sick. Blue Star Urgent Care offers vaccinations 

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Vaccinations are an essential part of primary preventive care. Getting vaccinated not only protects you from getting a certain disease, but it also helps reduce the risk of your loved ones and neighbors getting sick.

Your body’s immune system fights off invading germs, called pathogens, that can make you sick. Although the immune system is powerful, some pathogens are stronger than what your body can handle on its own. When this happens, you can get seriously ill.

Pathogens your body doesn’t recognize can do the most harm. Vaccinations work by introducing a form of a pathogen to your body so it can learn how to fight it off without making you sick.

The type of vaccinations you need depends on your specific medical history, age, and travel plans. Blue Star Urgent Care provides a variety of common vaccinations for people of all ages, including:

Adult and pediatric flu shots

Influenza, or the seasonal flu, is a minor inconvenience to some. For others, the flu is the reason for a hospital stay.

Anyone can get a flu shot to reduce their risk of getting the flu, but it’s especially important for high-risk groups like older adults, pregnant women, and anyone who has a chronic health problem like diabetes. The families of high-risk individuals should also get a flu vaccine.


Tetanus is a common bacteria that can cause muscle pain, nerve damage, and even death. 

Children usually get diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis (DTaP), but you need booster shots throughout adulthood and any time you sustain an injury that may expose you to tetanus.

Purified protein derivative (PPD)

A PPD test involves a simple skin prick. This test allows doctors to determine whether you’ve been infected with tuberculosis. If the test is positive, you need to return to Blue Star Urgent Care for immediate tuberculosis treatment.


Blue Star Urgent Care provides vaccinations for chickenpox, a common childhood disease that can also affect adults in the form of shingles.

Vaccine titers

A vaccine titer measures the antibody levels in your blood so that your doctor knows which vaccines you need and which you’ve already received. That is helpful in case you lose your vaccination record.

Blue Star Urgent Care has many convenient locations that offer vaccinations. You can schedule vaccinations ahead of time or walk-in without an appointment.

For more information about vaccinations, call the Blue Star Urgent Care nearest you, book an appointment online today, or walk-in.

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