DOT Physical

CDL / DOT Physical Exams- Same Day Walk-ins welcome!

If you are a commercial driver for the Department of Transportation, it’s very important to keep your DOT medical card updated. One step of this process includes getting a physical. You have enough to worry about when on the road and finding the time to take care of this important task can be tough. Blue Star Medical makes it easy. We provide a variety of DOT solutions, including routine physicals, and can help make sure you are always in compliance with any rules and regulations.

Not sure which regulations apply to you? The Blue Star Medical team can help you navigate them and figure out which you need to pay attention to and which ones you don’t.  Gone are the days of sitting around for hours in a doctor’s office. At our facility, you’ll be in and out in no time.

Same day CDL / DOT physical exams. Call Now (201)500-3000  

The examiner will review your health history and ask you to list the medications you take on a regular basis. During your CDL / DOT physical at Blue Star Medical, the examiner will check your physical health as well as perform a neurological exam and hernia check.

What we will check during your CDL / DOT physical examination:

  • Pulse
  • Blood pressure
  • Vision and eyes
  • Throat, mouth, and ears
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Spine
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